Merlin: The Wicked Day tops 7 million viewers

MerlinThe Wicked Day, the third episode in the new season of Merlin, was seen by 7 million viewers final figures reveal.

Overnight figures for the episode placed the ratings at 5.7 million viewers. The episode saw the death of King Uther (Anthony Head) paving the way for Arthur (Bradley James) to become King of Camelot. Final consolidated figures for The Wicked Day puts audience levels at a far higher 7.02 million viewers – a rise of just over 1.3 million viewers.

Final figures for the first three episodes of Merlin’s fourth season has seen the fantasy drama make big gains. The opening episode, The Darkest Hour (Part One), had a final rating of 6.4 million viewers while the concluding part had a slightly higher 6.8 million viewers. With the ratings for The Wicked Day now revealed to be 7 million viewers that means since the start of the fourth season Merlin has gained around 600,000 viewers over its first three episodes.