Terra Nova to end on a cliffhanger

Terra NovaSteven Spielberg’s new Fox drama Terra Nova will end its first series on a cliffhanger.

Executive producers Brannon Braga and Rene Echevarria have promised a huge cliffhanger will end the dino-drama’s first season leaving fans wanting more. The duo have also revealed that Terra Nova will take on a more serialised format in the build up to the finale which is currently scheduled to air in December.

“We come to see the conspiracy with the Sixers is being orchestrated in 2149, and as we get toward the season finale we will go to 2149 and see that more explicitly….it’s kind of a cliffhanger. All the elements come to a head, it’s a two-hour finale. “The 11th Pilgrimage is scheduled to arrive – and who’s going to show up?……We also set up a new mystery, so in that sense it’s a cliffhanger.” – Rene Echevarria speaking to Entertainment Weekly

Fox have yet to renew Terra Nova for a second season but so far the drama has performed solidly for the broadcaster. It has also performed well for its UK broadcaster Sky One were it has attracted strong ratings. However, the shows costly budget – rumoured to be $4 million per episode – could prove to be its downfall.