Steven Moffat criticises BBC over Doctor Who Confidential axe

Steven MoffatSteven Moffat has criticised the BBC for its decision to cancel the behind-the-scenes series Doctor Who Confidential.

The BBC Three series, which offers fans an insight into the production of Doctor Who, was axed by Zai Bennett earlier this this month. It was the latest casualty of the new controller’s cull of programming at the digital channel which also saw comedies Ideal and Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps axed. Moffat has criticised the decision to cancel the series during an interview with the Doctor Who Magazine in which he said “I’m not supposed to say it, but I’m going to anyway: Bad day, bad decision. I know we’re all at sea and the night is colder but you don’t start burning the lifeboats to keep warm….. All shows have their time and all shows end but not, in all sanity, while people still watch and love them.”

Doctor Who Confidential was axed as part of cost cutting measures at the corporation as BBC Three concentrates its budgets on prime-time broadcasting. Confidential was launched in 2005 alongside the revived Doctor Who and has taken a behind-the-scenes look at every episode produced since the sci-fi’s return. A petition was launched by fans to save the series from the axe and so far has nearly 50,000 signatures.

You can sign the petition here >>