Romola Garai drops The Hour season two hints

The HourActress Romola Garai has dropped a few hints about possible historical events the second series of The Hour may cover.

The first series of the BBC Two drama series, set in a 1950s newsroom, mostly revolved around the Suez Canal crisis though the uprising in Hungary against Soviet control was also mentioned. Actress Romola Garai, who played producer Bel Rowley, has hinted at some of the other big events of the 1950s the series could cover.

“It will feature Sputnik possibly and maybe the Notting Hill riots. It’ll be about a year further on in time with a whole load of new exciting developments on a world stage. And more nice dresses.” – Romola Garai speaking to MSN TV

The first series of The Hour also starred Anna Chancellor, Ben Whisaw and Dominic West. It opened with nearly 3 million viewers but did lose ratings across its run. Critical reaction to the drama was also mixed with creator Abi Morgan admitting some historical errors within the drama – especially with some of the phrases used by the characters.

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