Julie Gardner says only 'time will tell' if Torchwood returns or not

John BarrowmanTorchwood executive producer Julie Gardner has said that only ‘time will tell’  if Torchwood returns for another season or not.

The future of the Welsh based sci-fi, a spin-off from Doctor Who, remains unclear. A fourth season of Torchwood, titled Miracle Day, aired over the Summer and was a co-production between the BBC and Starz. The action was spilt between Wales and America with John Barrowman and Eve Myles reprising their respective roles alongside new cast members such as Alexa Havins and Mekhi Phifer.

The ten-part series met with mixed reactions and while the BBC and Starz has signed a deal to co-produce further dramas its seems, at the moment, Torchwood may not be one of them. In an interview with Assignment X Gardner said ‘I don’t know if there will be more. The thing about there being more or not – you look at Torchwood, and it’s always had such a labyrinthine history.  For this new season, Torchwood has been off the air for two years in the UK. The weird thing is there are some series where that would really matter. It would be a real problem. I think Torchwood is so elastic in some ways and has had such a strange peculiar life.”

Torchwood originally started out BBC Three in 2006 for its first season while its second season was promoted to BBC Two in 2008. The third series, a five part story titled Children of Earth, aired on BBC One across five nights in the Summer of 2009. Fans had to wait for two years until Miracle Day aired over the Summer of this year. At one point a proposed American spin-off, possibly featuring John Barrowman, was in development for Fox but came to nothing.

As for the possibility of Torchwood channel hoping again Gardner said ‘It… has been across so many different channels and so many international audiences, across so many different story structures, and so many numbers of episodes,. There’s no single way forward for the show.”

A recent poll by ATV Today readers revealed that while the majority would like to see another series of Torchwood they’d want changes to the format – addressing the criticisms aimed at Miracle Day.