X Factor: Why is it losing viewers?

X FactorThere’s no denying that this year’s X Factor is suffering from the perception that its ratings are falling, its judges are not getting along, the acts aren’t giving their all and its in a “crisis”. So we’re asking if you think the behind-the-scenes drama is distracting audiences from the performance of the acts – what the show should really be about.

There has always been a certain element of drama to the X Factor with contestants reportedly not getting along, judges falling out live on-air and acts that perhaps don’t deserve to surviving elimination at the expense of others. In fact it would be fair to say the X Factor has always used melodrama to make it more “entertaining”. This year though there is a sense that the behind-the-scenes ‘drama’ is becoming all too distracting. Barely a day goes by without some media report claiming the judges aren’t speaking to each other, such and such is poised to leave, that there are “crisis” talks going on behind-the-scenes etc etc.

On Saturday evening the X Factor was beaten by Strictly Come Dancing – for several weeks the BBC series had been edging closer and closer to the ITV titan. Strictly’s ratings have been on the rise while the X Factor’s have been falling week-on-week for the Saturday shows (the Sunday results show are still performing well). So why? Why has the X Factor suffered from falling ratings? Is it because of all the behind-the-scenes drama? Is it because there are too many new judges? Is it because of the absence of Simon Cowell? Is it because the Saturday edition is on for too long?

Why do you think viewers are seemingly turning off the X Factor? Post your comments at the bottom of the page.