ITV reveal Downton Abbey death

Downton AbbeyITV have accidentally revealed which Downton Abbey character will be killed off in tomorrow night’s season finale.

[Spoiler Free]

Tomorrow evening’s second season finale will see Downton Abbey bit by the Spanish Flu – following the end of the First World War in 1918 there was a Flu pandemic with millions killed by it. In fact more people died from the Spanish Flu than were killed in the war itself. As the Flu hits Downton Abbey one of the characters will die from it – it was meant to be a surprise which character that would be.

However, ITV have accidentally given the game away by releasing a full press release for the third season which it officially commissioned earlier this year. The full cast list reveals which character won’t be back for the next season and for some fans the suspense of the big finale has been ruined. ATV Today won’t, however, post the name of the character who will be killed off tomorrow night – we’ll let our readers enjoy tomorrow night’s episode without ruining it for them.

Downton Abbey concludes its second season tomorrow night at 9pm on ITV1.