Aardman Animation ponders overseas move

Wallace and GromitAardman Animation, makers of Wallace and Gromit, may move production abroad.

Mike Bullough of Aardman Animation has told Radio Four’s World This Weekend that the studio is considering moving its production abroad because the UK has become too expensive. The studio producers the hugely popular Wallace and Gromit films – and associated spin-offs – as well as the children’s television programme Shaun the Sheep. However, the lack of government support for stop-frame animation may force the studio abroad.

“When a company like Aardman is considering offshoring stop-frame animation, which we are at the moment, something’s got to be wrong” Mike Bullough of Aardman Animation speaking on Radio Four.

The fact that animators can not claim the 15/20% tax credits that other film makers can is resulting is many leaving the UK Bullough argued or were being brought out by bigger overseas companies all together. “There is genuinely a crisis. HIT, a beacon of excellence in children’s animation in the UK and maker of Bob the Builder and Pingu, has just been bought by US company Mattel. Cosgrove Hall, known for Dangermouse and Avenger Penguins, is sadly no longer with us.”

The animation studio intends to turn the CBBC series Shaun the Sheep, which has been sold to 180 countries, into a feature film. The animation is currently produced at the Aardman studios in Bristol. Mr Bullough argued that giving animation the same kind of government support other countries enjoy would be a “a tremendous boost to our industry”

<Via BBC News>