Garrett Wang takes swipe at William Shatner

William Shatner as Kirk - CBSStar Trek: Voyager’s Garrett Wang has taken a swipe at original series actor William Shatner (pictured right, original Star Trek series).

Wang played Ensign Harry Kim in all seven seasons of Voyager. Shatner, of course, played Captain James T. Kirk in the original Star Trek television series and subsequent film franchise. However, the legendary actor has had a swipe taken at him by Wang who was a fan of the captain – until he met him in person. At a recent convention Wang described how he met Shatner for the first time only last year but was less than impressed with the encounter.

“I was at the Tulsa Trek Expo, I was in the green room, so this is a backstage room where only the actors are. So I walked up to him and said ‘Mr. Shatner, I finally get to meet you.’ [Shatner’s handshake] was limp-wristed, he gave me this, like he was the Queen of England or something. So he gives me that, then in the middle of the handshake, he looks away, then he pulls his hand away and he wipes it off on his shirt, right in front of me. All I saw was red. You know what? God help me, I want to punch his fat belly right now. I was so mad. I want to tell you guys, I love Captain Kirk, but I fricken’ cannot stand William Shatner. I’m gonna say that right now. That is no way to treat someone.” – Wang quoted by Trek News

Wang isn’t the only Star Trek to have issues with Shatner though mostly its the original series actors who have long-standing and high profile ‘feuds’ with the actor. George Takei has long standing issues with Shatner which stretch back years but has flared up recently once more. Walter Koenig recently said that the cast of the original series didn’t respect Shatner in the same way the Next Generation cast respected Patrick Stewart. James Doohan also had issues with Shatner but the two made peace shortly before Doohan’s death.