I’m A Celebrity 2011 – the launch

This years collection of wannabes, has-beens and semi-famous gathered at a $6million mansion on Australia’s Gold Coast as they mingled and mused whether they had a clue who each other was before falling into another series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’s jungle.

We’re led to believe some of the contestants have swapped a glamorous lifestyle for a more meagre jungle existence.

I’m not entirely convinced Antony Cotton or Willie Carson could ever be classed as glamorous, while there are many words fans of Coronation Street have bestowed on the former, none have suggested glamour. Willie is more famous these days for the often seen clip on Outtake TV where on BBC Sport he gives out the fax number as the telephone number then gives the email for the phone… We’re aiming high calibre this year clearly.

First to arrive at the villa was Coronation Street gay-star Antony Cotton (pictured, right). He’d previously said “I’ll be a mixture of camp and irritable. Irritably camp!” Corrie is of course a national institution so ITV will be hoping viewers will vote in Corrie loyalty.

Next to arrive at the villa was Hart To Hart actress Stefanie Powers who clearly didn’t have a darn clue who Antony was. The two were quickly joined by The Only Way Is Essex reality face Mark Wright who had previously confessed, “I’m a bit of a scardy cat. I’m scared of the dark, and rats – I can’t feel one, smell one or be in the same room as one.” There is always one who says this before hand, so you just know the producers and public will make sure he’s fondliing rodents quicker than you can say Roland Rat, yehhh!

Ex-Emmerdale actress Lorraine Chase was next to arrive and seemed to know who some of the others were before a ‘who-moment’ with Jessica-Jane Clements dropped in with no one sure who she was. Shes from Real Hustle in case you, like most of Britain, were curious. She said,“I’m looking forward to the Bushtucker Trials. The kangaroo testicle will be funny. I’ve had worst stuff in my mouth.” Classy. Then the group was joined by McFly bassist Dougie Poynter who had an interesting way of dealing with jungle life. He said “I’ve been watching a lot of Bear Grylls. He gets naked a lot. So I think I might have to do that a lot.” That should pick him up the gay-votes and young girl droolers to stay in for a while.

Joining them was sporting hero Fatima Whitbread (pictured, right) who said “I’m a tough nut to crack. I am a good shoulder to cry on but if anyone needs a good kick up the rear I can do that as well.” And then Benidorm actress Crissy Rock arrived, curtseying to Stefanie Powers. “When I’m in the jungle I’m not going to miss my luxury items. I’ve never had any” she said confirming the earlier sentiments issued by ITV that “a glamorous lifestyle for a more meagre jungle existence” was to be the case clearly for many of these d-listers isn’t quite true.

Finally former jockey Willie Carson arrived, faster than some of his horse races, and much faster than his presenting style on BBC Sport. “I’m like a Jack Russell dog. Small and noisy and I’ve got a nip. Possibly I’ll anger people because I’m honest. And I always like winning.”

Hosts, Ant & Dec, not dressed in red or black, arrived on a speedboat as the celebrities enjoyed their last proper meal and explained that they would now be travelling by two helicopters and embarking on their jungle journey. Extra surprise, for the campers, annoying, so-called comedian, Freddie Star would arrive later. Unfortunately.

I’m a Celebrity… airs on ITV nightly for the next three weeks.