I'm a Celebrity Day Two Highlights

Singer Sinitta and Smooth Radio presenter Pat Sharp (pictured, right) are the latest to arrive in the jungle for the 2011 series of I’m a Celebrity… Get me Out of Here!

Fatima Whitbread had a shock last night in camp as a rat kept jumping on her head whilst she slept, “Ah, there’s a rat, it keeps jumping in my bed” shouted Fatima.  Mark awoke immediately as he has a fear of rats, “how big was it?” he asked and Fatima described it was fist size to a worried looking Mark.

Fatima then spotted him under her bed, “He’s under my bed, I see him, he’s just under there”.  A worried Mark asked what they’re going to do about it. Fatima reassured him that it’s all okay and most likely gone back in the water.

A worried Mark then looked around his bed, “I don’t want to go back to sleep Fats”, “If you hadn’t told me and it came up on me I would have had a heart attack” says Mark who then zipped himself into his sleeping bag.

Elsewhere Freddie became annoyed when Stefanie didn’t offer him a piece of her orange and went into the Bush Telegraph to vent his thoughts.  “She totally left me out and gave everyone a piece of orange and left me out, I waited three mins and then asked and she said she’d known the others longer than me”.

He then when on to say that he thinks Willie and Stefanie have paired off and become ”very clicky” – “Willie and Stefanie want to be the boss of the whole group”.

Freddie (pictured, right) and Mark were selected by the British public to participate in last night’s  Bushtucker trial, ‘Greasy Spoon Café’. The boys joined Ant & Dec for their lunch and went head to head in consuming a five course meal of ‘typical jungle fayre’ to win food for their camps. Mark revealed “I am scared of Freddie because he has eaten a hamster”.

The first course was ‘Spoiled Egg & Soldiers’, which contained a fermented egg. Freddie ate the egg but Mark reluctantly passed. Mark looking very green said “I don’t even want to try that”. Ant & Dec then revealed the second course of ‘Buggle & Squeak’ which was a mixture of critters, cheese fruit, meal worms and mice tails. Freddie and Mark both ate the second course.  Course three was ‘Bacon Butt-e’, a bread roll containing the anus of a pig. Mark tried to take on Freddie and ate the anus but Freddie looked unfazed telling him “there is nothing better than the anus of a bush pig”. Course four was ‘Grilled Toe-matoe’, a camel’s toe plucked from a furry foot and both Freddie and Mark wolfed it down.

Freddie then only needed to eat course five to win the most stars. The course was called ‘Baked Beans’ which was turkey testicles in slime sauce. Freddie eagerly grabbed a handful of testicles and chomped down on them to Dec’s amazement.  Mark decided to pass as there is no way he could possibly be the winner telling Freddie “you are a lunatic…you would never have stopped”.

Freddie won food for Snake Rock. Later Fatima and Antony were sat by the river stream chatting all things Coronation Street when Antony noticed he had a red mark on his leg.  “Do you think this is a tick?” said a worried Antony.  Fatima looks closely at his leg, “bizarre isn’t it” said Antony.

Fatima leaped into action, bent down and started sucking out whatever was in Antony’s leg out – “You don’t want to risk anything like that” said ‘Dr Fatima’!

Jessica (pictured, right) and Antony were chosen yesterday to take part in ‘Taking The Hiss’. They were faced with two giant rubber snakes which had robbed a nest and swallowed some eggs which held keys to the chest. After seeing the murky water they needed to endure the challenge Jessica said:“I can’t believe I wore my best bikini for this” while Antony remarks “it stinks of rotting cheese”.

Both struggled to squeeze the eggs out of the snakes mouths, with Jessica triumphantly being first to release the egg, smashing it on the rock and obtaining the key.

1980’s pop star Sinitta and DJ Pat Sharp were revealed as the new campmates going into the jungle last night but with a twist – they have decisions to make as they take their journey into camp and each decision will have a direct impact on the other campmates – unbeknown to them or the new arrivals!

I’m a Celebrity… continues on ITV nightly at 9pm