Two new comedies for Channel 4

Productions The Mimic and The Angelos Neil Epithemiou Show have been commissioned for the network as the broadcaster increases its comedy output.

The Mimic is a sitcom written by Matt Morgan and directed by Kieron Hawkes, which the broadcaster says, is…

“the story of Martin Hurdle (Terry Mynott), a seemingly unremarkable maintenance man who, in fact, conceals an exceptional talent. What makes Martin unique is his uncanny ability to mimic voices. Stumbling through life, as he has been until now, his mimicry of celebrities and colleagues alike has been a rather fruitless pursuit. However, in a huge revelation from a former lover, Martin is about to discover that he could in fact be the father of a 19-year-old son. With their first meeting on the horizon, is this the news that will finally kick start Martin into adulthood? And if it is, just how will he use his voices to cope with this life changing development?”

The Angelos Neil Epithemiou Show is a studio-based comedy entertainment show written by and starring Dan Skinner as his comic character Angelos Epithemiou.

“Come and join a modern day clown living in an oversized world of pure fun.” Say Channel 4, adding, “With a full menu of slapstick, jokes, high energy dancing, catchy singing and sophisticated magic, it will involve the studio audience, introduce new comedy characters and muck around with celebrities.”

The broadcasters comedy output has already been boosted with the switch from ITV of the British Comedy Awards which air annually and recent success Fresh Meat as well as the return of The Comic Strip Presents.

Fiona McDermott, who has commissioned the latest comedy output for Channel 4, said “With The Mimic and Angelos we’re embracing everything from the sublime to the ridiculous, and we couldn’t be more excited. The Mimic is one of the most original and funny talent-led narratives we’ve seen and we’re thrilled we’ve got the privilege of allowing Mr Angelos Epithemiou to develop his career on C4.”

Channel 4 with air both new series in 2012.