I'm a Celebrity Day Five Highlights

The I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here! series continues with Sinitta’s screaming, Fatima’s moaning, Dougie’s bummed and Mark’s mankini.

Newcomers DJ Pat Sharp and pop singer Sinitta made their way to camp and to win their campmates’ luxury items. They had to spend the night in a secluded cave – and were joined by jungle critters as the night wore on.

It didn’t bode well as Sinitta jumped when the klaxon boomed indicating that the challenge had started. But Pat persuaded Sinitta to try and soon they were asleep in the cave. “We’ll be as snug as a bug in a rug” said Pat rather appropriately as they settled down to sleep.

But soon they were both wide awake as thousands of cockroaches poured through holes in the walls. “Start taking your clothes off” ordered Pat as he tried to plug the holes and stop the tide of insects entering the cave.

Sinitta started to cry and said that she wanted to leave. But Pat went to sleep over the other side of the cave, snoring as Sinitta stood all night sobbing, surrounded by jungle critters.

But the two stayed and lasted the course and emerged victorious into the dawn sunshine. “I want to give you a big hug” said Pat to Sinitta.

“That was longer than the longest night ever” said Pat. “Welcome to tomorrow.” And later he confided “I would say that Sinitta kept me awake more than the cockroaches.” Sinitta was particularly proud of herself. “I moved into a hotel once because there was a spider in the bath. Thank God for Pat because being together in that awful situation brought us closer together and he’s a lovely man.”

Croc Creek’s rows from the previous day continued to resonate in the camp. Antony (right) questioned how he should handle the issue of who should cook that night so Crissy suggested that Antony did it but asked Fatima to help him.

It was clear that the camp mates were all fond of Fatima but recognised that she had a different approach to tasks than they did. Lorraine said “She’s not got a bad bone in her body. She doesn’t know how to handle situations. She’s always had to show strength and challenge people. But she doesn’t have to challenge any of us. She’s one of us. She’s in our group.”

Antony said “I don’t want a regime, because I’m not in the Army.” “I’m on my holidays” continued Crissy. “I understand that Fatima needs that but what Fatima should learn is to relax out of it” said Antony.

And later in the Bush Telegraph he said “She’s a very nice woman and she’s just a victim sometimes of her own success and I think she wants everybody else to have their own regime but I don’t want a regime like that because I want this to feel like freedom.”


Dougie and Fatima were chosen yesterday by the British public to go head to head in the Bushtucker trial ‘Rat Run’ to win dinner for their respective camps. The object of the game was for each contestant to enter an identical maze, each containing six stars buried in boxes beneath the ground. Ten small flags were positioned within the maze showing the celebrities where to dig, but only six contained stars & the other four were empty.

When Dougie was asked unknowingly at the start who he would hate to be up against he replied: “I am just hoping it is not Fatima…she is a gladiator and the one person I fear the most”. Meanwhile Fatima once she arrived was not surprised with her opponent adding: “Dougie is the one person I thought I would be up against”. Dougie then told Fatima: “You’re going to dominate me”.

When asked by Ant & Dec what they feared the most Fatima said, “Rats…” while Dougie joked “Goat demons”.

Dougie and Fatima had ten minutes to search the maze for keys & encountered creepy crawlies including; cockroaches, rats, spiders, a bandicoot and a giant lizard. At one stage Dougie and Fatima were tying on 4 stars, Fatima finally took the lead and was first to get all six stars but not before struggling to find the exit.

With only seconds to go Fatima finally found the exit and rung the bell, winning some much needed food for Croc Creek. Fatima admitted she was worried about the rats but even more about the giant lizard, “It was a huge thing…but you never know if they can get ferocious”.


“I’m feeling really bummed” says a deflated Dougie (right) after loosing the trial. Fatima walks back into camp with a big grin on her face, “Winning was a good boost to our camp and I’m really pleased I was able to do that”, “It was tough but we won”.

“Bad news, Dougie got Fatima” said Willie about their camps defeat. “Dougie’s a little bit down about it all but we’ll be fine” said Jess.


Having completed the overnight task, Pat and Sinitta faced a path with signposts directing them each in an opposite direction. Pat arrived in Croc Creek and received a warm welcome from his new campmates, although he suspected that the positive reaction might be because his arrival meant they all got their luxury items. But, hardly a spring-chicken himself, Antony later said “You could have sent us a young one. It’s like Cocoon!”

Sinitta received a similarly warm welcome in Snake Rock. They welcomed her to their ‘family’ giving her the choice of being an adopted daughter to Willie and Stefanie or a visiting aunty to Jessica-Jane and Dougie.

Sinitta said that she wanted to integrate. “I’m still buttoned up and I don’t want to be a city girl all buttoned up” she said. A week in the jungle has made the celebrities re-evaluate their priorities. Whilst Antony received a pillow that his family had signed and Dougie had one of his girlfriend’s bandanas, Jessica-Jane had opted for concealer and Mark, hair wax. “I chose the wrong thing” confided Mark. “I was adamant. Now I’ve got it I’d rather have got a photograph of my fiancé and two dogs. Can I swap it” added Jessica Jane. Sinitta’s fitness ball also raised some eyebrows in Snake Rock – perhaps more suited to the fitness fans in their rival Croc Creek. And Lorraine was delighted to be reunited with her teddy ‘Tedward”.


Sinitta continued to jump at every bug she found in the jungle much to the amusement of her fellow camp-mates. She then thought she saw a cockroach in her sleeping bag and freaked out. “Sinitta is a little bit jumpy with bugs and stuff” smiled Dougie.

Stefanie and Dougie decide to give Sinitta their own version of bootcamp – ‘bug camp’ and get her to hold a bug in her hand to prove its harmless. Sinitta manages to hold the bug for a few seconds. Later in the Bush Telegraph, Sinitta said “They all got to witness how bad my phobia is”.


Last night camp mates were bonding and it showed when Mark Wright invited fellow camp mate Crissy into his bed for a little cuddle. He begged Crissy, ”Come give a cuddle…c’mon, come here”. Crissy decided to grab the opportunity and shared an affectionate moment with Mark. Crissy joked: “That had better be your battery pack!”

Mark (right) confessed: “Never did I think I’d ever be lying in a hammock with a lady on top and her false teeth”. Mark and Jessica-Jane had to complete the Celebrity Chest which was called Daft Waders. They had to wear large fisherman’s waders, fill them with water from a barrel and pour the water into another barrel until a key rose up. The first one to retrieve their key would win the challenge.

Mark said “Jessica-Jane’s trim, slim and fit – probably in both ways!” Jessica-Jane said how nice it was to see a new face. “Mark is a good looking lad. Everybody knows that. I think the girls are going to be happy back home.” The two struggle to fill their respective barrels with Mark emerging as victor. But Real Hustle star Jessica-Jane didn’t give up easily, trying to get Mark to give up the key with a bet. But he didn’t fall for it and later said “It’s a big chest but Jess already has a big chest so she didn’t need to win.”


Mark carried the chest back to Croc Creek where the campmates had to answer the question ‘How long do people spend kissing in their lifetimes? – “two weeks or two months.” Mark said two months with the rest of the camp agreeing with him. But it was the wrong answer so they won the booby prize – a bra made of coconut shells and a mankini.

Having worked so hard at the Celebrity Chest and getting the question wrong, Mark moaned “all that for that…I am going to try it on right now” as he was faced with the booby prize of a mankini and a coconut shell bra.

Antony lent a hand in helping Mark fit into the small one piece and checked “You’re seriously going to do this? You’re not going to regret this?”

Mark adamantly said “I want to put it on…I am here for a laugh”. Antony, Crissy and Lorraine enjoyed the sexy striptease dance from Mark and urge him on by singing ‘You Can leave Your Hat On’ from the infamous strip scene in The Full Monty.

Despite winning the Trial, Croc Creek took delivery of an ostrich egg for dinner leaving them a little stuck as to what to do with it. Fatima helped Antony as he made a giant omelette to everyone’s delight. “It’s a tiny bit burnt” said Mark. “You got the bit with the burn on because you got the biggest one” replied Antony.

As the residents of Snake Rock and Croc Creek had their final supper, they didn’t realise it would be the final time they would eat together as two separate camps. From tomorrow the camps will merge as one.

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