Cult News Wrap: The Munsters, True Blood and Doctor Who

GrimmA round-up of smaller cult stories from across this week which includes; The Munsters have been given a pilot order by NBC, Battlestar Galactica’s David Eick is working on a new UFO drama for AMC, Freema Agyeman discusses a possible return to Doctor Who and NBC orders more scripts for Grimm.

Amy Acker is to appear in NBC’s new fantasy drama series Grimm. TVLine reports the actress is to play a Black Widow; a housewife called Lena who has to cheat death/aging every five years by sucking the life out of three different guys in three days – nice. Amy Acker is perhaps best known for her roles in Joss Whedon shows such as Angel and Dollhouse.

In related Grimm news NBC has ordered two more scripts for the series starring David Giuntoli. That’s a sign of confidence in the drama by NBC and ratings remain healthy though they have slipped somewhat since its impressive premier.

The MunstersThe Munsters are heading back to television – for real. After several false starts and a stint stuck in development hell NBC’s planned revival of the 1960s sitcom has been given a pilot order. Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller has been working on the reboot for some time which will rework The Munsters from a half-hour comedy into an hour-long drama which will be darker and edgier.

NBC has also given a script order to Fuller’s proposed drama Hannibal based on the Silence of the Lambs character – busy times ahead for Fuller.

Deadline reports that Battlestar Galactica producer David Eick is developing a new drama series for AMC (of The Walking Dead and Mad Men) along with Paul Boardman and Scott Derrickson. The new drama, titled Thunderstruck, is a hourly drama about UFOs.

True BloodValentina Cervi has joined the cast of HBO’s supernatural series True Blood. The Italian actress will play Salome, an ancient and very powerful vampire. Cervi joins confirmed new cast members, for the fifth season of True Blood, Dale Dickey and former Robin Hood actress Lucy Griffiths. The British actress has been cast as Nora, the ‘sister’ of Eric (Alexander Skarsgard).

True Blood will return to HBO next year.


Freema Agyeman has become the latest actor to discuss returning to Doctor Who for its 50th anniversary in 2013. The actress played Martha Freema AgyemanJones in the third and fourth seasons of Doctor Who as well as three episodes of spin-off Torchwood. Agyeman also briefly reprised the role for David Tennant’s final two-part story, The End of Time. The actress is now part of ITV’s Law & Order but in a new interview the actress has said she’d be happy to return. ‘If they want to do a big group thing, I can’t really envisage anybody in the Who family saying no because it’s quite a marked occasion and a good opportunity to rekindle. For the fans, it’s exciting for them as well and everyone gets together.” the actress told The Independent.

Speculation about the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is rife with Matt Smith suggesting a 3D special to mark the occasion. Showrunner Steven Moffat has already promised he has huge plans for the occasion. David Tennant and John Barrowman have both stated they’d be happy to return while Peter Davison and John BarrowmanTorchwood actress Eve Myles (who crossed over for the two-part season four finale) both have stated they don’t expect to be asked back. Actress Camille Coduri, who played Jackie Tyler, stated earlier this week that isn’t expecting to return either.

One person that has ruled themselves out of a return is Christopher Eccleston who played the 9th Doctor for a single season in 2005. Expect plenty more speculation/rumour/gossip/hearsay about the 50th anniversary and who is/isn’t/might be/could be returning for it in the weeks and months (and year) ahead.

In related Doctor Who future, but much more in the near future, last night’s Children in Need telethon revealed the title for this year’s Christmas Special; The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe. A special preview for the episode also aired during CIN which hinted even further at the ‘Narnia’ feel to this year’s special. Read the full article here >>

And you can watch a preview for Ghost World, the next ITV2 episode of The Vampire Diaries, here >>