I'm a Celebrity Day Nine Highlights

Sinitta is classed as a wimp, Antony was concerned about how an emu was being cooked and Mark (pictured, right) found there was more than just the camp mates eating in their jungle home.

While Sinitta may have been proud and pleased with herself for managing to get five stars in the live Bush Tucker Trial, Pat and Jessica-Jane were less than impressed.

Losing patience with her fears and phobias and failure to bring home the bacon, Pat said: “I wonder if she’s acting it up a little bit, it’s just too much. Put your hand in, hurry up, take the star out and more food. It’s not brain surgery is it? It is really annoying me.  The amount of food we are going to get with five stars for 12 people is a joke, an absolute joke.

“If she carries on like this they will choose her for everything because she’s just a wimp. I’m sure she lives an incredibly charmed life and goes to Barbados with Simon Cowell at Christmas but at the end of the day she should just get on with it.”

Pat’s frustration was echoed by Jessica-Jane post the trial. “I’ve never seen anyone like that, she went about it in completely the wrong way. I know she has phobias but I wonder if she’s acting it up a little bit, it’s just too much.

“We are starving, we are so hungry now. You have to think about the food and I don’t know that Sinitta is doing that right now. She’s thinking about fears too much.  The public are voting for Sinitta because she’s entertaining to watch but if she doesn’t want to do the trials any more then she’s got to stop acting so scared. The others keep telling her it’s alright and understanding how scared she is but she needs someone to give her a little shake and tell her she is capable of doing it.”

Sinitta (right) conversely was pleased with her live ‘shopping’ trip around Horrods. “I’m quite proud of myself even though I’m not coming back with a meal for everyone, I feel good, happy and elated because something is happening.”

Stuck in the Sin Bin while the other celebrities prepared dinner, Antony just can’t help himself from getting involved. He tells Stefanie that they have to let them get on preparing supper but starts fretting about how Mark is going to cook the emu which leads to him directing the preparations from the letter box hole.

“Marky boy, you know what you could do instead of a stir fry? Cook the rice so it’s not mushy… then stir all that into the rice so it’s a warm salad and add the beetroot to it then… it’ll be like a warm salad and you could put the beef on top of it.” Unable to resist and clearly fretting about how dinner was being prepared, Antony continued to offer suggestions and talk about how he would have loved to have cooked dinner. “Instead it’ll taste like a generic stir fry.”

Pat lost his rag with fellow celebrities claiming Sinitta was milking her fears and is angry at Lorraine for being too nice. Pat was left fuming following the live trial which saw a terrified Sinitta win five stars for the 12 hungry celebrities. “It pisses me off and I don’t give a flying f*** anymore. Whatever phobia you have we know that these (creatures) will not hurt you so when you are the turn just get in there and do what they want you to do. If you come out being all scary just to get in the papers or whatever, then that is pathetic.

“I think there’s a bit of ‘ooooh look at me’, she’s not stupid, and she knows how the world works. She’s milking it. She might have tried her best but it just wasn’t good enough, it’s about mentality, you are either strong minded or you are not. I would not enjoy any of the things she’s had to endure but I would still not look like a moron doing them.

“She looks ridiculous. She’s wimping around on this show,” Pat told the silenced celebrities Mark, Dougie, Chrissie and Jessica Jane before starting on Lorraine.

“Lorraine (pictured, right) is the nicest woman I’ve ever met but her holding a teddy is sweet but it doesn’t work in here, she’s not four years old, she’s 60 and she wraps it up and puts it to bed. I don’t get it. There is no room in here for nice a person, that’s naff, saccharine, sweet.

“Her teddy is called Tedward, given the choice I would strangle Tedward over Jedward – that makes you realise how angry I am.”

His rant was interrupted by Lorraine who peered out from the sin bin and asked him for a cup of water and he told her she was a nice person “but you are too nice for me Lorraine. Don’t walk past just saying look at the lovely trees.”

Lorraine apologised and said: “That’s how I’m dealing with it and I’m sorry if that gets on people’s nerves, I will try to keep it to myself a bit more.”

But Pat wasn’t finished, his tirade continued: “I’m just being honest, I don’t care if everyone hates me for it, they can kick me out. I don’t care if people write me a letter and say I shouldn’t have said things about them on the show. I don’t give a flying f***. Oh hell, I’ll give you nice, I’ll shove it us your tush!”

Mark takes Dougie aside and encourages him to play ‘pranks’ on their fellow camp-mates, they decide to pretend to be spiders and crawl under the hammocks of camp-mates. Dougie crawls under Jess’s hammock and Mark crawls under Crissy’s they start tickling them and moving the hammock slowly. Jess jumps up scared thinking it’s a spider and finds Dougie under her hammock whilst Crissy jumps up and finds Mark, “I wasn’t scared”, “You sooo was” laughs Mark.

Conversation in both teams soon turned to the next ‘Beat the Bugs’ game and how they planned to win.  Emily was really keen her team did not enter the SIN BIN, she said “This day is so important, we can’t end up in that sin bin”.

Crissy, Mark, Dougie (right) and Pat were all sat together discussing their strategies, “I like quizzes, I go to Quiz nights” smile Crissy. “If we get questions, I ain’t gonna do anything knowledgeable” declared Mark.

“We have youth and strength in this team so we have the upper hand but general knowledge could mean we’re in trouble as the other team will have more experience” said Mark.

“I wouldn’t say Mark is dumb but he’s not the most educated chap in the world, he’ll be the first to admit that and his strength would be his torso and arms” said Pat in the Bush Telegraph.

“Didn’t the capital of England used to be Colchester” asked Dougie? “No” said Mark, “It was Birmingham”.  Pat looks confused at the both of them; “Birmingham?” he asked. Mark says again that it was definitely Birmingham, Dougie looks at him and said I still think its Colchester. Later in the Bush Telegraph, Pat’s talking about Dougie and his Colchester comment; “He’s been in a pop band since he was 15 years old, so hasn’t been highly educated I would think”.

In the other team, Stefanie is plotting her own strategy for the team; “We need to establish each other’s strongest skills in general knowledge”, “It’s important we get out [of the Sin Bin]”

Beat the Bugs host Ian Smith – aka Harold from Neighbours – returned for day two of the competition with a game called ‘Headspin’ A worried Lorraine said “If it’s memory then that’s not good for me”. The two teams were asked to pick two members each to take part, Mark and jess were picked from their team and a bossy Stefanie immediately volunteered herself and Lorraine, much to the surprise of the latter.

The object of the game was to remember various objects as they went past on an escalator whilst various critters were dropped on their heads.

‘Mark and Jess’ and ‘Stefanie and Lorraine’ discussed strategy and how best to win. “I don’t have a very good memory” a worried Lorraine told Stefanie. “I don’t want to hear that” snapped Stefanie (right).

The game started with various objects moving along the escalator that included, VCR machine, cocktail shaker, roller blades, pots and pans etc.

Mark and Jess remembered the most objects and won another night in main camp for their team. “That was a bit how’s your father” said Lorraine afterwards.

“I said say it out loud and you’ll remember them, our strategy worked and we won” said a delighted Mark. The orange team were gutted and returned to the Sin Bin for another night.

It seems one of the more unique camp-mates is in danger from being kidnapped – Lorraine’s teddy bear called Tedward.

Pat, Dougie, Jess and Mark are all talking about the teddy bear – Tedward. “I love Lorraine but Tedward has gotta go, you’ve got to steal it tonight” says Pat

“No” said a firm Jess. “Tedward is not real” laughs Pat. A concerned Crissy went into the Bush Telegraph, “I’m worried about Lorraine’s bear and all the laughing and joking about it. I know she’s nearly 60 years old but if anything happens to that bear I don’t want to be a part of it” said a worried Crissy.

“I think the jokes gone too far with words like kidnapping, god love Lorraine, she absolutely loves that bear” Crissy added, continuing, “Lorraine has feelings, she’s 60 years old, they should have some respect for that.” Crissy ended by saying, “If they take the bear or do something stupid I will go really mad”

Jess and Emily get called to the Bush Telegraph to collect their camps reward for winning ‘Beat the Bugs’, which left Crissy, Mark, Pat and Dougie all alone in camp. Mark was bored so decided to liven things up, “While we’re all waiting let’s have a 3 man bungle”. Mark and Dougie rush towards Pat who is lying face down in his hammock, “Not in my bed”. Mark jumps on top of Pat and then Dougie jumps on top of Mark.

They both started to tickle Pat (right) and lick his ear, Crissy sat on the side, “You can count me out”. Jess and Emily then came back with ice cream treats much to the delight of the camp. Mark asked Emily to share his hammock and made a saucy suggestion that the two should cuddle up for the night. “Why not get in the hammock with me and we’ll have a cuddle?”

The pair had been discussing the benefits of a hammock over one of the camp beds. Unfazed by the cheeky Essex boy, Emily said that they wouldn’t fit in one together. “We’ll try and make it cosy,” he persisted with a smile on his face. Overhearing the conversation, Pat interrupted and said to Mark: “You never asked me, your old mate still needs cuddling!”

The blue team camp-mates (Crissy, Jess, Mark, Emily, Dougie and Pat) were left scared and terrified tonight after a huge 1.5 metre carpet python has been discovered under Mark Wright’s bed as they were all settling down for the night. Mark found what he believed to be a rat under his bed and on further inspection realised it was being suffocated by a huge carpet python snake. “OMG Dougie, there’s a snake eating a rat” shrieked Mark

“I’m scared what can I do” says Dougie. Security rushed into camp and captured the snake and moved it to a safer part of the jungle.

“I thought it was a lizard and then I saw the snake suffocating the rat” said a worried Mark afterwards. ITV later confirmed in a statement, “The python in the camp, found under Mark Wright’s bed, was eating a Bandicoot and not a rat.” Not that such information makes Mark or Dougie feel any better.

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