ATV presenter Wendy Jones dies

Wendy Jones, one of ATV’s most popular female presenters of the 1970s, has died aged 69.

Wendy was most recently known as Wendy Patricia Squires MBE and was awarded the Member of the British Empire for founding and managing the Hairline International support organisation which helps people suffering from sever hair loss.

Wendy presented several regional programmes for the BBC but most famously for ITV Midlands in the 1970s and 80s – working on such shows as local news programme ATV Today, information series Citizens Rights and factual documentary and debate series Format V. She was seen by a wider ITV audience when the ATV edition of Format V concerning Midland soap opera Crossroads was screened in other ITV regions in 1978 and again in 1985 when it was repeated following the death of Crossroads’ leading lady, Noele Gordon.

In 1975 she was given her own late-night show, Ladies Night and when ATV left the Midland screens in 1982, Wendy continued to work for the incoming Central Television where she remained as a presenter and journalist for quite some time.

It was while at ITV fellow staff realised Wendy had taken to wearing a wig, some feared Cancer, however, Wendy was battling a hair disorder, which led to her becoming a pioneer for people with hair loss. Her support for fellow hair loss sufferers spanning 30 years. She wrote a book, as Elizabeth Steel, about her experience, Coping with Sudden Hair Loss but it was the Hairline support group that gave her international exposure.

She has been described as an “adoring and beloved wife to Richard for nearly 50 years and devoted mother to Kathryn. Beautiful, brave and joyful in life, she helped so many people and brought so much hope and joy to all those she knew”.

Wendy died suddenly on the 14th November 2011, she had been fighting a long battle with ill health which began in 1996 when the ATV personality was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Last year she fought a successful bought against breast cancer. In September of this year however she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and underwent major surgery. Despite the cancer being in its early stages her body was too weak and Wendy died from an infection shortly afterwards.

Her funeral will take place at St Marys Church, Lapworth, Warwickshire on Monday 28th November.

Born as Wendy Jones, 1941 died Wendy Patricia Squires MBE, 2011