Doctor Who moving to the Autumn

Matt SmithSteven Moffat has seemingly confirmed that Doctor Who will move to the Autumn instead of its usual Spring air-date.

Writing in the Doctor Who Magazine the show-runner has seemingly confirmed that Doctor Who will no longer air in late Spring/early Summer but instead in the Autumn where he feels the BBC sci-fi series is more at home.

“Doctor Who in the summer? All that running down tunnels, with torches, and the sunlight streaming through your windows and bleaching out the screen? All those barbecues and children playing outside, while on the telly there are green monsters seething in their CGI-enhanced lairs? It’s just not right is it? Be honest……For me, as a kid, when the afternoon got darker and there was a thrill of cold in the air, I knew that even though summer was over, the TARDIS was coming back! So yes, that’s part of the plan, that’s part of the reason for this little delay.” – Steven Moffat in the Doctor Who Magazine

Since Doctor Who’s revival in 2005 the series has aired in the Spring/early Summer with each season launching on Easter Saturday. However, this year the series was spilt in two with seven episodes airing in the traditional Spring/Summer slot and six episodes airing in the late Summer/Autumn slot. The splitting of the season could now be seen as a trial run for Doctor Who airing in the Autumn if the series does indeed move to that season.

However, some viewers may be quick to point out that fantasy drama Merlin currently airs in the Autumn/Winter slot and a fifth season – which will air next year – has already been ordered. So if Doctor Who does indeed move to the Autumn will Merlin move to a New Year slot or will the two shows – which attract big audiences to BBC One – air on the same night?