Merlin producers say sixth series possible

Colin MorganThe producers of Merlin have given their first hint that the series could continue past its fifth season despite previously talking of a “five year-arc” for the fantasy drama.

Merlin continues to deliver stellar ratings to BBC One on Saturday evenings despite facing tough competition in the form of The X Factor on ITV1. In fact its ratings have pretty much improved year-on-year bucking the trend of decreasing ratings for returning dramas. The fourth season of Merlin is currently airing on Saturday evenings on BBC One and a fifth season has already been commission; it’ll go into production early next year.

Up until now the producers of Merlin have talked about having a “five year arc” planned for the fantasy drama which gives the impression the series would end after five years. In a new interview with SFX though the producers have given the strongest hint yet that the drama may well continue beyond year five. Johnny Capps told SFX ‘To us, it’s all about whether the audience carries on enjoying it. If the audience carries on enjoying it, and we carry on enjoying making it, then we’ll keep making it.’

At the moment it seems very much that audiences want more Merlin and of course there’s that film which is reportedly in development but the producer says its very much in the ‘early stages’. Of course last week it was revealed that the BBC are also in the early stages of developing a Doctor Who movie though it looks like it would be without lead actor Matt Smith. So that’s both Saturday evening dramas heading for the big screen – if everything pans out that is, the film business is notoriously tricky for getting projects up and running.