I’m a Celebrity: Daily Round Up Thirteen

Edition thirteen is unlucky for all in the jungle as Pat causes a row, Fatima straddled Chrissy with painful consequences and Antony flounced off over the cooking for camp.

Edition thirteen is unlucky for all in the jungle as Pat causes a row, Fatima straddled Chrissy with painful consequences and Antony flounced off over the cooking for camp.

Australian model Emily Scott undertook today’s Bushtucker Trial. It was called Coral Grief and was set in a giant tank with a sandy ocean floor. Spread around the floor were covered holes, each containing stars – but also other nasties. To make it even more unpleasant for Emily, there was a crocodile in the tank with her. Emily had to dive to the bottom of each hole and one by one, retrieve the stars, depositing each one into a chest at the side of the tank, before getting the next. There were 11 possible stars, and 11 meals for camp.

She took the lid off the first hole and dived to the bottom of the perspex box that it covered. The box contained crabs, but Emily managed to retrieve a star. She put it in the chest than swam back and did the same with the second.

Next up was a hole containing eels. Again, she dived down to retrieve the star, deposited it on the side and retrieved the next.

The third both contained two stars – and axiotles and catfish. Again, she successfully retrieved the stars.

Starting to tire, she pulled the cover off hole number four which was full of fish. Diving down amongst the creatures, she found a star and then a second star.

And finally, the last box contained yabbies and three stars. Struggling to maintain her strength, she swam back and forth to the side of the tank, each time with a star, making her grand total 11 stars, the maximum number available and the maximum number of meals for camp. It’s the first time this series anyone in the camp has won the maximum number of stars.

“I couldn’t see anything. That was intense” she said afterwards.

The first Trial where the campmates decided who would be put forward caused some ripples in camp when Pat sparked a row over who he thought should undertake the challenge. When told it was called Coral Grief, the campmates correctly guessed that it would involve swimming and jungle nasties.

They started a discussion to decide who should attempt to win stars for camp, when Antony suggested that if anyone really wanted to do the Trial they should raise their hand – and pretty much everyone did.

This prompted Pat who brought home 11 stars in the last Trial to say “One thing you need to take into consideration is that if we’re kind and let people do a trial and they’re not overly keen to do one etc etc and they end up doing one and they’re not very good at it and they don’t win stars then we all suffer.”

Lorraine answered back “That’s not a good thingy to say that somebody who doesn’t want to do it won’t do well. Once you’re there we’ll all do well. We’ll all do the best we can.”

Pat interjected. “You’ll do the best you can but you might not do as well.”

Lorraine continued “We’ll all do as well as you because we have the same thing when we get there which is the team. It’s nothing to do whether you want to do it or not. I’m as good as you and I will be as good as you. I’ll fight you for it.

Sinitta acted as a peacemaker and suggested that those that hadn’t yet done a trial, might like to do one.

Pat took over. “Hands up if you want to do one, you haven’t done one and you’d like to do one.” This left Crissy, Jessica-Jane and Emily. “So Crissy and the young girls. So what about the young girls Crissy. Shall we let them have a go? “ Pat suggested.

Crissy readily agreed. “Yes, let them have a go” she agreed. Pat continued. “Right so it’s out of you two today. What do you reckon?”

Antony said “That would make sense that our only Australia member who grew up on the beach and in the sea.” At which point, Jessica Jane took herself out of the running, happy for Emily to complete the Trial.

Crissy said in the Bush Telegraph “I like Pat but every now and again he throws some little comment into conversation and upsets people. He said only the young ones are going to get the stars and if you don’t get the stars we suffer.”

But later Pat sad “You shouldn’t be offended by anything in this game if you want to do well, earn stars and eat meals and it is a valid point. We need someone who’s young and fit to get as many stars as we can, as often as we can, in these trials.”

Later Crissy and Sinitta talked about what had happened around the picking for the Trial. “I feel like a tit because that’s the first time I ever heard anybody in this camp go you’d better come back with stars’ when Pat said that. That’s why I said ‘we don’t need that crap. That is unfair that he made it about our ages that we were incapable of doing it.”

Sinitta tried to smooth the waters by saying “That will be his personality. I think his logic is let the strongest go who will definitely bring back loads of food.”

Crissy continued “It’s just like saying I tell you what – its strength today so lets send Fatima because she’s like Arnold Schwarzenegger but everyone’s got their weaknesses and everyone’s got their strengths.”

In the Bush Telegraph Sinitta said “Look at Crissy. Crissy’s older than me. Crissy got into bed with the cockroaches and she stayed there. I couldn’t even get into the box. We’ve got to get to know each other and get to know what our strengths are. If it was something going up high and maybe being spun around I wouldn’t send Pat Sharp.”

Later in camp, Crissy was still angry about what Pat had said, telling Antony “I was fuming about what he said. He’s the only one who can get the stars and he’s the only one who’s fit enough to do it”.

“That’s bollocks” replied Antony. “It’s an ageist comment” complained Crissy. “He’s three years younger than you” pointed out Antony. “He must think he’s Pater Pan. Tit!” replied Crissy.

Later Antony said “If Crissy swam every day of her life as a little gentle hobby she’d have said I can swim, I’m a swimmer so it’s nothing to do with age , it’s to do with playing to someone’s strengths because mine wouldn’t be to do with age, mine, will be to do with bungy jumps or stuff like that. Maybe that’s not the right one for me. Again, nothing to do with age, it’s to do with playing to your strengths. Let’s not concentrate on the negatives, we have to concentrate on the positives.”

Pat and Jessica-Jane escorted Emily to the Trial. “I do feel a little under pressure because we had such an amazing meal last night so I don’t want to bring back 2, 3 or 4 stars. I want to come back with as many as possible so we can have another feast.”

After winning the maximum number of stars, Emily said “This challenge was made for me. I dived down to the bottom of the pool when I was a kid so I just kept going back to those memories and I really really wanted to get as many stars as possible to take back to those guys tonight and I’m just stoked because they’re going to be really happy.”

Emily’s success seemed to vindicate Pat’s earlier determination. She returned to camp victorious and hugged Mark and Dougie. Antony said “She got a full house and it was swimming so we did the right thing. The discussion worked.”

And Crissy added “Youth did win this time but us oldies, we’ve got a bit more knowledge.” Pat asks Chrissy what she thinks about the hit ITV comedy Benidorm in which she played brassy hotel manager and Fatima reveals she was offered a part in the Bond movie Octopussy.

“What do you think about Benidorm, was it the funniest TV show you’d seen because I didn’t get it. I found myself watching it but didn’t find it funny, it was really clichéd and I found myself detached from the people in it like Johnny Vegas and his mum. “

Standing up for Chrissy, Jessica Jane said she found it “hilarious”. Pat told her he had just finished a fan film. “It’s a low budget film funded by the people who made the original, it was Superman and I played a doctor who saves Superman’s girlfriend’s life,” he said.

Fatima chipped in: “I was offered a part in Octopussy, playing The Lady Fatima who sat on top of James Bond after he’d had a fight, but my late husband didn’t want me to do it. I should have done it, it would have been great. If Daniel Craig had been Bond my husband wouldn’t have had a say in it!”

Praising her for winning 11 stars in the Coral Grief Bushtucker Trial, Mark promised Emily a shoulder massage. “Oooh yes,” she cooed.

Mark untied her bikini top and pulled down the top of her trousers before gently massaging her back. Meanwhile Fatima straddled Chrissy and gave her a different sort of manipulative massage that had the actress groaning in pain rather than her campmate Emily’s pleasure.

“It was like a torture chamber” she said. “Me back snapped like a whip. She knows where the muscles are she likes twanging them. I thought she’d found a piece of bubble wrap then I realised it was me! She nearly snapped Mark’s neck and he nearly had a heart attack, he went ‘oh my god you nearly broke my neck’, and was mortified.”

Emily meanwhile reported: “my massage was amazing, I was melting into the bed it was so good.” Dougie chipped in: “Mark’s massage was the sort you knew would lead to somewhere else, whereas Fatima’s just lead to death!”

Family and friends of the celebrities were called into the jungle and asked to disguise themselves in gorilla suits in a challenge, which, if successful would win the camp mates a treat. Disguised as gorillas, Antony and Mark had to guess with only five questions which gorilla belonged to which camp mate.

Taking part were Mark’s mum, Chrissy’s friend, Fatima’s son, Jessica-Jane’s fiancé, Willie’s wife, Lorraine’s friend, Pat’s wife, Sinitta’s mum, Antony’s dad and Dougie’s band mate. Mark and Antony bickered the whole journey back to the camp, arguing over how many they thought they’d got right and about the choice of questions. “You are hot headed and don’t listen,” Antony told Mark.

The Towie star said: “I didn’t ask the questions, you wrote them down and I didn’t get a look in.” Back at the camp, Antony revealed to the celebrities that one member of camp was to receive a special treat – one camp member was to spend five precious minutes with the gorilla they believed to be their loved one – but only if the boys had identified them correctly.

Antony said they were torn between allowing Fatima to see her son and Sinitta spending time with her mother. Explaining their decision to a tearful Fatima, Antony said: “We wanted Fatima to see Ryan but what if it was wrong, it could be more traumatic if it had not been right so we decided on Sinitta as we felt we could guarantee it was her mum. We thought Sinitta also because out of everyone here you’ve done the most trials and suffered the most traumas. We hope we’ve done the right thing.”

Wiping away her tears, Fatima said: “I agree with you, it would have been emotional for both of us, you’ve done the right thing just the thought of maybe going to see him has upset me. It is the right thing as it’s too emotional, just the thought of seeing him has upset me.”

Jessica-Jane also broke down in floods of tears when Mark told her that they believe they correctly identified her fiancé Lee Stafford.

Sinitta was thrilled to see her mother Miguel Brown and gave her a big hug. She asked whether she’d caused her embarrassment with her trials traumas and was assured she hadn’t. “Tell the children that I love them and I’ll be the kissing monster when I get out. I love you.”

Too many cooks can spoil the broth and Antony became so flustered with camp mate’s interference while cooking the Balmain bugs for dinner tonight that he stormed off and left the others to it. It started when Fatima and Emily started to advise him on cooking the bugs . “Do what you want. Everyone just jibbing in – do what you will with it. I had sorted everything out and now we’ve got wax you can’t put a pan on and twigs that are going to flame.”

With that the Coronation Street face went to his bed and ignored pleas to come back and help them. Fatima said: “He was getting upset because there was no heat coming out of the fire so we solved that problem now he’s upset about something else. It’s just unnecessary.”

Antony was sulking in his bed and said to Jessica-Jane: “somebody knows better than me so they will just go and do it. I’d worked it all out and I obviously have no idea what I’m talking about. I just need to sit this out. Ask Mrs Clever Clogs over there and she’ll tell you what to do. It’s really irritating having someone watching over you when you are trying to do something.”

Mark told Antony to get up but the soap actor said: “It’s inappropriate she’s like a petulant child, she just can’t leave it alone. Every night she watches me cook and I told her and she argued with me so I walked away it’s really unattractive thing to do, it’s jealousy because she’s not doing it, so let her do it. It’s rude to jib in and argue with someone and now I look like the petulant child but I’ve given in.”

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