No women for Sports Personality of the Year Awards

The BBC had been critisied due to no females being short listed for an award in their annual Sports Personality of the Year Awards, however it appears the BBC are to take action to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

The corporation have announced they will review the situation and make changes to enable more women to be part of the short list for awards.

In reaction to the BBC’s decision to review the short listing procedures for its Sports Personality of the Year awards, Green Party Mayoral candidate Jenny Jones (pictured, right) said:

“This is a welcome move. Frankly the exclusion of women from the shortlist was an insult to some of Britain’s greatest sporting stars. However it is probably unsurprising given the inclusion of publications aimed exclusively at men in the selection process.

“It is difficult to imagine an athlete being as close to the top of her game as Sarah Stevenson, and yet she received just three nominations from a total of 260 allocated to 26 publications.

“The BBC should consider returning to a system based on the votes of the general public.”

Equality may however be criticised if women take the place of more worthy males just to tick boxes.