David Jason calls for comedy clean-up

David JasonDavid Jason has spoken out against modern comedies which use offensive language and are crude.

The veteran actor isn’t a fan of modern comedies, or comedians, which offend people and constantly use swear words. The actor was talking to the Radio Times – its Christmas edition – about his new BBC series The Royal Bodyguard; the comedy will air on BBC One on Christmas Day. While discussing the new series he talked about some of the other comedies currently on the box.

“Today they push down the barriers. Take the F word. It’s become commonplace. Stephen Fry — I’m a great fan and think he’s clever — puts up a good argument for using all swear words as a rich part of our language. But he couldn’t persuade me. Language has implications and it’s offensive if it’s meant to denigrate something or someone. Only Fools had nothing unpleasant, really.” – David Jason in the Radio Times

Jason will probably be forever associated, in terms of comedy, with Only Fools and Horses though those with a longer memory will also remember him in Open All Hours. As for The Royal Bodyguard, the actor promised it would be suitable for all the family to watch.

“It’s a lovely piece of fun. OK, being an old fart, it’s for viewers who want something safe as well. The most important thing for me is I can sit back and watch it with my ten-year-old daughter Sophie without thinking, ‘Whoops, why did they say that? Oh, blimey’ — and then unable to get to the Off knob fast enough. I try to protect what she sees on television, but you can’t.” – David Jason in the Radio Times

The Christmas edition of the Radio Times will be on sale from Wednesday. The Royal Bodyguard will air on BBC One on Christmas Day.