Musicians perform secret gig to thank Occupy London protestors

{jcomments off}Several musicians have reportedly performed a secret gig to thank Occupy London protestors.

BBC News reports that a secret gig was held by musicians such as Massive Attack and Thom Yorke to thank a small group of protestors who are part of the Occupy London movement. Only around 100 people are reported to have saw the performance.

Occupy London is a movement inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement in America. The Wall Street movement has inspired similar protests, demonstrations and occupations not only in other cities in America but around the world as well. The occupy protestors are against capitalism and bankers greed; they don’t agree with the huge public sector cuts being imposed and believe the banks should pay the price as they created the current financial mess.

In the UK the Occupy movement were camped outside St Paul’s Cathedral causing it to close for several days – to much criticism. The movement caused a spilt within the Cathedral with several members of staff resigning over the Cathedral’s attempts to move the protestors on with legal action. The protestors have been moved on to other locations in London. In New York the Occupy Wall Street protestors were also moved in a widely criticised police operation which was described as “heavy handed” and “violent” by critics.