X factor Fix or is it ?

X Factor 2011: More fix claims as HMV put Amelia Lily’s winner’s single on sale


Furious X Factor fans were in anger last night as HMV started selling Amelia Lily`s ” X Factor winners single” days before the shows final this weekend on its website.

Fans were shocked when the Hmv website claimed the untitled single would be released on Monday by lable Syco who`s owner is X factors boss Simon Cowel.

We were notified earlier this Morning by an eagle eyed fan, who told us that the music website were taking orders for Lily’s first release on their website, for the price of £3.99.

But there was no sign of potential winners singles from Lily`s fellow finalists Marcus and Little Mix on the site.

Red-faced hmv bosses desperately tried to fix the gaffe last night as furious fans branded the show a fix.

Spokesman Gennaro Castaldo said: “hmv.com has been authorised to accept pre-orders for the X Factor winner’s single recorded by each of the finalists.

“However due to a technical issue only Amelia Lily’s details appeared.

“These have been temporarily removed so that all three finalists’ details can go up tomorrow morning.

“Once up, fans will be able to pre-order the single by their preferred finalist but only orders for the eventual winner’s single will be processed and charged for.

“The oversight resulted from an unforeseen technical issue. We would ask nothing further be construed from it.” But the mistake has sparked rumours of a fix among X Factor fans.

One Tweeter wrote: “Good going HMV… they have Amelia Lily’s winners single for presale. If she wins it’s DEFINITELY a fix if they’ve got that on their website.”