Vampire Diaries: Damon to rethink his feelings for Elena

Nina DobrevJulie Plec has hinted that Damon (Ian Somerhalder) will rethink his feelings about Elena (Nina Dobrev) when The Vampire Diaries returns.

The third season of the supernatural drama has played with the will they/won’t they element of Elena and Damon’s relationship. Stefan (Paul Wesley) was missing for the first part season and then was under the compulsion of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) which meant Elena became increasingly close to Damon as the two worked to try and defeat Klaus. However, up until now Elena has remained in love with Stefan but the mid-season finale Homecoming hinted she may well be prepared to move on.

Julie Plec, executive producer of The Vampire Diaries, has hinted that the events of Homecoming will lead to Damon reconsidering his feelings for his brother’s girlfriend. Plecd told TVLine ‘When Elena and Damon finally have the opportunity to confront him about his recent actions, his response makes Damon think twice about acting on his feelings for Elena.’

Ian SomerhalderPlec also gave some hints as to what will happen when The Vampire Diaries returns early next year for the remainder of its episodes. The producer told TVLineWhen the show returns, Stefan has been MIA since he stole Klaus’s family coffins, but we’ll learn he’s been busy trying to figure out a way to stay one step ahead of Klaus“. In the UK the mid-season finale of the drama aired on ITV2 on Wednesday; it bowed out of The CW on November 10th. It will return to The CW for new episodes on 5th January.

So would you like to see Elena and Damon get together or should Elena reunite with Stefan now he’s free of Klaus? And what of Katherine? Post your comments below!