Jess Wright and Kirk Norcross celebrate The Only Way Is Essex Christmas Gifts

The Only Way Is Essex stars Jess Wright and Kirk Norcross celebrate the success of TOWIE Christmas gifts with a special appearance in a Wimbledon store.

Yes young people across the UK have been flocking to make themselves look like their favourite Essex babe or boy. The ITV2 ‘scripted reality’ series has proved a winner with teens and 20-somethings who love bad acting, Essex fashion and buckets of fake tan.

Superdrug, the one that isn’t Boots, is offering four gift sets all designed to give customers elements of the unique TOWIE look, plus two fragrances.

Sara Wolverson, Superdrug Beauty Director says, “The Only Way is Essex is a true sales phenomenon, from Vajazzles to bronzer to fragrance all the elements of the true Essex look are a success.

“But it doesn’t stop at gifts and fragrance, in Essex we’ve just opened our first Brow Bar with Billie Faiers.”

So far this December the beauty retailer has sold a TOWIE gift every minute, with the week ahead being tipped to be the top TOWIE sales week.

Jess Wright said while visiting Superdrug Wimbledon, “It’s great to be able to celebrate the success of our first gifting range at Superdrug. Fans of the show know how much we all love to dress up and these sets give everyone the chance to get a little bit of Essex glamour wherever they are.”

To date the bronzing set The Essex Glow – comprising a deep tan maxi bronzer and a brush – has proved most popular gift, with customers in the north of England buying 60 per cent more than those in the south.

Clearly the Christine Bleakley layered in Cuprinol look is catching on.

Kirk Norcross, adds, “When you hear such bad news about the economy it’s great to see that the glamour of TOWIE is cheering everyone up a little.”

“I’m a little concerned that looking like a cheap whore is being mistaken as glamour” says TV critic Justin Mason, who adds, “However I’m sure if the TOWIE range is used right you can no doubt look incredibly pretty and attractive. Maybe someone could show the cast of the show how to wear it?”

If you’re interested in a bit of Essex Style Glamness the range is as follows

  • Totally Kissable lip gloss set, £5.99
  • All Eyes On Me eye shadow palette, £5.99
  • In the Spotlight light up lip gloss and mascara set, £7.99
  • Essex Glow classic bronzer set, £7.99
  • Dazzle fragrance, £17.99
  • Be Reem fragrance, £17.99
  • Vajazzle body art, £7.99

For those girls, and these days boys, who pluck, trim, cream, moisturise and make-up you can visit Billie’s Brow Bar, Superdrug, 49 High Street, Brentwood, Essex.

We suspect some of the ATV Today team will be rushing for the Vajazzle, and that’s just the men.