C4’s Alternative Christmas Messages revealed

Channel 4 have announced that their will be two Alternative Christmas Messages this year.

Channel 4 first began airing an alternative to HM Queen’s Christmas Speech in 1993. This year the message won’t go head to head with the monarch, instead airing 1.55pm and 4.15pm.

Max Laird from Seven Dwarves, Karen Gayle from My Transsexual Summer, Susan Campbell Duncan from Beauty and the Beast: The Ugly Face of Prejudice and Katie Piper of Katie: My Beautiful Friends will all give their unique take on Christmas in a warm, festive message titled Just Be Yourself.

And in the Educating Essex Christmas Message new ‘TV heroes’ Mr Goddard and Mr Drew from Educating Essex will bring home what Christmas means for them and consider the most valuable lessons to take into the next year.