Final ratings for Christmas Day: Downton Abbey tops 11 million viewers

Maggie SmithThe final consolidated ratings for Christmas Day have been released which reveal that Downton Abbey was actually the most watched programme of the day while Doctor Who had nearly 11 million viewers.

Final ratings are far more accurate – and often higher than the widely quoted overnight figures – because they take into account those who record programmes and watch within seven days. They also go by the actual start and end time of a programme rather than its scheduled time. The final figures for Christmas Day are quite interesting compared to the overnight figures which were so widely quoted by the press.

Overnight figures put EastEnders as the most watched programme of the day with 9.9 million viewers but while the BBC One soap does gain more viewers with final ratings – it rises to 11.3 million – it loses its top spot. ITV1‘s prestigious drama Downton Abbey is revealed to be the most watched programme of the day going by final figures with 11.6 million viewers which is up considerably from its overnight figure of 8.6 million viewers. The press widely reported the Julian Fellowes drama was beaten by both EastEnders and Doctor Who according to overnight figures.

Doctor Who itself also benefits from a rise in viewers thanks to consolidated withy 10.7 million viewers tuning in for The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe – thanks up from 8.9 million viewers according to Absolutely Fabulousovernight figures. Coronation Street has slipped day the ratings chart though as it was second according to overnight figures by final figures place it as the fourth most watched programme of Christmas Day. Overnight ratings gave the Granada soap 9.6 million viewers while final figures reveal 10.5 million tuned in but it wasn’t a big enough gain to secure it the second spot.

Jennifer Saunder’s revival of sitcom Absolutely Fabulous is the 5th most watched programme of the day. The outrageous comedy had an impressive 9 million viewers. Strictly Come Dancing had 8.5 million viewers while Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow had 8 million viewers. The Gruffalo’s Child was seen by 7.6 million viewers and Yorkshire based soap Emmerdale had 7.1 million viewers. At the bottom of the top ten chart for Christmas Day is All Star Family Fortunes with 6.3 million viewers.

(Via the Doctor Who Newspage)