Final Boxing Day ratings: Mrs Brown's Boys tops 8 million viewer

Brendan O'CarrollThe Christmas Special of Mrs Brown’s Boys was seen by over 8 million viewers final consolidated ratings reveal.

Broadcast reports that the final consolidated ratings released, by BARB, for Boxing Day reveal that BBC One comedy Mrs Brown’s Boys gained the most viewers compared to its overnight figures. The Irish comedy written by and starring Brendan O’Carroll as the foul-mouthed matriarch Agnes Brown had an overnight rating of 6.6 million viewers. But final figures, which take into account those who record and watch within seven days, places the figure at a much higher 8.4 million viewers – the comedy’s biggest audience to date. The BBC will doubtless be satisfied with the huge ratings for the comedy especially as it has ordered a third series.

David JasonElsewhere on Boxing Day the final figures from BARB reveal that EastEnders was the most watched programme of the day with 11.2 million viewers – up from its 9.9 million overnight figure. David Jason’s new comedy, The Royal Bodyguard, on BBC One also saw a big rise in ratings with 8.2 million viewers given by the consolidated ratings – it had an overnight rating of 7 million viewers. However, it’s second episode that aired earlier this week saw figures plunge to 4.5 million viewers so it will be interesting to see if it makes any big gains for final figures for that episode.