Virtual World created around Strictly Come Dancing

BBC Worldwide has teamed up with Stardoll to create a virtual community for fans of Strictly Come Dancing.

Aimed at the teen girl UK fanbase to begin with Stardoll will offer users of the site access to an exclusive Strictly Come Dancing club where they can obtain virtual items inspired by the show to decorate their personal suites.

Simon Hutson, Director of Digital Development at BBC Worldwide said “Attracting new audiences as well as building strong relationships with some of the show’s most passionate young fans in new and engaging ways marks a very exciting move for the Strictly brand. This digital world allows fans to experience the glamour of the ballroom before, during and after the show’s transmission and ensures they have their own way of interacting with the show in an environment they already socialise in.”

Additionally, a subscription allows users to treat their ‘medolls’ to a range of Strictly Come Dancing inspired costumes and props, ranging from the famously glamorous dresses, to shoes and judges boards. The items all helping to recreate and replicate the Strictly Come Dancing experience in the virtual and safe Stardoll world.

“To promote a fun and engaging experience, Stardoll has added an incentive to the initial campaign, whereby members will receive a calendar with 20 exclusive Strictly Come Dancing items that are unlocked by day, giving an element of surprise, mystery and anticipation around what they will receive next. In addition, when members join the Strictly club, they can build a stage, and add the set design, spotlight and other items from the show as the membership numbers increase. Additional items unlock separately as the club grows, which encourages others to join the fun.” BBC Worldwide state.

The subscription of £5.95, is available to users in the UK, and localised to the UK version of the show – Strictly Come Dancing. In addition, with the success of the Strictly brand globally, branded as Dancing with the Stars, coupled with Stardoll’s international network of users, several other countries where the show is popular will have their own versions announced within the coming months.

Chris Seth, EVP and GM at Stardoll said “We’re excited to bring a new dimension of digital entertainment to our members with a full Strictly Come Dancing experience complete with outfits from the show, dance club, and fun activities that link to the actual TV programme. This partnership is a perfect match because our members thrive on real world experiences coming to Stardoll.”

Dancing with the Stars is one of BBC Worldwide’s flagship brands. Sold to over 35 countries and shown in 75 countries worldwide it is estimated over a half a billion people have seen a local version of Dancing with the Stars.

Come Dancing originally launched as a non-celebrity serious dancing television contest in 1949 and ran yearly until 1998. The show was re-booted as a celebrity competition in 2004.

The club is available now from