Radio Times readers want more Endeavour

The majority of Radio Times readers want ITV to order a full series of Endeavour; the prequel to Inspector Morse.

The one-off drama, starring Shaun Evans, pulled in an impressive 6.5 million viewers when it aired on ITV1. The drama is a prequel to the highly successful Central Television drama Inspector Morse which starred the late John Thaw. A poll by the Radio Times reveals that the majority of its readers would like ITV bosses to order more episodes of Endeavour.

The venture is the second spin-off from Inspector Morse with original series sidekick Robert Lewis played by Kevin Whately gaining his own detective series, entitled Lewis, on ITV1 following the on-screen death of John Thaw’s Endeavor Morse in 2000. Lewis launched in 2006.

Morse creator Colin Dexter told the listings magazine:

‘The gods were smiling on us in that we had a good script from Russell Lewis and I think Shaun Evans is a very admirable and perceptive actor. We’ve been extraordinary lucky over the years to have these faithful souls like John Thaw and Kevin Whately. And if this does go to a series, I think Shaun will join them because he’s got the sensitivity and vulnerability that gives people a spark of the more mature Morse.’

ITV insiders have said top commissioning bosses are very keen on ordering a full series of Endeavour although didn’t commit to more than one-episode to see how the production fared in the ratings. Given its impressive figures its likely the broadcaster will order more. The Radio Times reports ITV is in discussions with producers Mammoth Screen over the future of Endeavour.

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Pictured Top: Shaun Evans as Endeavour Morse, Pictured Bottom: The late John Thaw in Inspector Morse.