William Shatner rejects Takei’s call for peace in Star Trek vs Star Wars feud

Perhaps one of the strangest “feuds” of recent times has taken another twist as William Shatner has rejected calls from his former co-star George Takei for peace between Star Trek and Star War fans.

George Takei, who has a long-standing feud with Shatner, called for peace between the two camps last month. A “feud” of sorts had “developed” between the two sets of fans after Shatner blasted Star Wars branding it as inferior to his own beloved show.

Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher fired back and well so it continued. George Takei then entered the scene calling for Star Wars and Star Trek fans to make peace and unite against another foe; Twilight. (You couldn’t make this up if you tried).

Well Shatner has now responded to Takei’s call for peace by rejecting it.

In a new video published on his You Tube channel the actor says ‘No, no, no, George. You’re the greatest threat to equanimity and peacefulness. You’ve carried on a feud for all these years. You can’t just dissolve it in a matter of words. Retribution must be paid, George. I need retribution.’

The Takei/Shatner feud has been running for a long time now and is likely to outlast this new “Star Wars vs. Star Trek” feud by a long margin.

(Via Blastr)