Channel 4 to air intelligence war drama

A single drama by the broadcaster takes a look into the War on Terror and whether torture is ever justified in Complicit.

C4 Chief Creative Officer Jay Hunt says: ‘I’m delighted to be able to green light this extraordinarily compelling film. Guy Hibbert’s drama shows us a hidden world we think we know in an entirely original way, and goes straight to the core of one of the greatest dilemmas of our age.’

What is the right moral action for an MI5 officer when even our key allies routinely torture suspects? Just one of the issues covered by Complicit which has been written by acclaimed writer Guy Hibbert and aims to explores the murky moral compromises that underpin the hidden intelligence war.

“Guy Hibbert’s contemporary feature-length drama is a penetrating and unique insight into the real daily working life of a MI5 officer, and the grubby personal betrayals, deceptions and impossible moral choices involved in every major terror plot investigation.” Channel 4 say.

In Complicit the main character Edward, an MI5 officer, wrestles with some of the key moral questions of our time. Can we fight Terror with torture? Or do we lose everything, and everything we stand for as a democratic nation, by allying ourselves with the torturers of a brutal foreign regime?

The one-off drama is a Manyriversfilms production. No details on broadcast dates or key cast have been revealed yet.