Richard Desmond quibbles over ethics at Leveson Inquiry

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Channel 5 boss Richard Desmond has spoken at the Leveson Inquiry which is looking into practices by the press.

Desmond, who is the owner of media company Northern & Shell, was quizzed yesterday about ethics. In a reply to Robert Jay, counsel to the inquiry, about ethical constraints, Desmond retorted that he didn’t quite know what ethical meant. He went on to say that people have different ethics and morals.

Desmond’s newspapers the Daily Express and Daily Star were sued by the McCann family in 2008 for libel after publishing several stories regarding them and their daughter’s [Madeleine McCann] disappearance in 2007.

Desmond claimed that he and his newspapers were ‘scapegoated’.

“Once again I apologise to the McCanns. I am very sorry that we got it wrong but only we were scapegoated by the ex-chairman of the Press Complaints Commission.” – Richard Desmond at the Inquiry yesterday.