NBC developing new Dracula series

NBC is developing a new “lavish” adaptation of Dracula.

Deadline reports the new adaptation would give the vampire a “contemporary spin” and would be soap-opera like as it was described as ‘Dangerous Liaisons meets The Tudors‘…so sexy vampires just like The Vampire Diaries or True Blood.

The new version of Dracula is being adapted by Tony Krantz, Colin Callender and Cole Haddon. NBC has a ‘script to series’ commitment meaning if the broadcaster picks it up it will go straight to series without a pilot.

Dracula has been adapted many times for cinema and the small-screen with some more humorous and comical versions. Dracula’s appearance in Buffy the Vampire Slayer was more humorous – a pastiche of all the Dracula clich├ęs. Amongst those who have portrayed Dracula on-screen over the years are the likes of Christopher Lee, Gary Oldman, Leslie Nielson and Gerard Butler.