Jenny Tomasin has died aged 75

Jenny Tomasin as Ruby in Upstairs DownstairsTelevision actress Jenny Tomasin, best known as kitchen maid Ruby Finch in the original LWT series of Upstairs Downstairs (pictured right) , has died at the age of 75.

Tomasin played the accident prone Ruby in the popular Edwardian drama which was originally produced by LWT between 1970 and 1975 – Tomasin joined the cast in 1972. The character often drove cook Miss Bridges (Angela Baddeley) to despair with the catchphrase “Oh Ruby” becoming synonymous with the series. When Upstairs, Downstairs ended in 1975 a spin-off was originally planned featuring the characters of Ruby, Miss Bridges and Mr. Hudson (Gordon Jackson) running a boarding house on the coast; the death of actress Angela Baddeley halted plans for the series.

While Tomasin will be most remembered for Upstairs Downstairs she had a wide range of roles in other high profile dramas. In the mid to late 1970s she played maid Florence Baker in ATV’s midland soap Crossroads. More recently, in terms of soap, the actress appeared in Emmerdale as Noreen Bell who was killed in one of the many disasters to have hit the small Yorkshire village. However, it was not Tomasin’s first role in the soap having originally appeared in the 1980s as Naomi Tolly whose father was killed in a tractor accident.

Another famous role by the actress was in the 1985 Colin Baker Doctor Who story The Revelation of the Daleks which also guest-starred Eleanor Brom and Clive Swift. Tomasin played the character of Tasambeker who was obsessed with Swift’s character of Jobel and was later exterminated by the serials infamous metallic monsters.

In more recent years the actress appeared in documentary’s discussing her role in Upstairs Downstairs such as the documentary The Story of Upstairs Downstairs which was produced for the Network DVD releases of the period drama.

Jenny Tomasin: 1936 – 2012 (Photo tribute here >>)