BBC to reduce cuts to local radio stations

The BBC is half its planned cuts of £15 million to its 40 local radio stations from protests from listeners, politicians and also religious leaders.

The BBC revealed plans last year, as part of its Delivering Quality First proposals, to slash £15 million from the budgets of its 40 local radio stations. The proposals caused outcry over the damage it would do to local communities and the number of job losses it would result in. A campaign quickly began, led by politicians and listeners, against the cuts.

Earlier this week it was suggested the BBC Trust was to ask the BBC to look again at its planned cuts. Now it has been revealed that the BBC Trust has asked the BBC to half the amount of cuts it was planning for local radio stations. The idea of stations “sharing” afternoon shows with neighbouring stations would be “scaled back” though not scrapped entirely – some areas may still have to share programming. The BBC Trust also called for the BBC to ensure that local news rooms would be “adequately staffed” but again adequate and well staff are two entirely different things.

The BBC Trust has also asked the BBC to look again at its plans to cut back on regional current affairs programmes such as Inside Out which was facing 40% cuts to its budget.{jcomments off}