Reeson gives free music download to fans

Dance artist Reeson has decided to thank her fans for their support by offering a free download of a master mix version of her single, Take It Off.

The BeetFreaks Master Mix of her last single Take It Off can be downloaded by joining Reeson’s Facebook page. The single version of the track reached No.7 in the Music Week Club charts last month.

“My fans totally rock, so giving them a free download of the best master mix of the track is my way of saying thank you for their continuing support”, says Reeson,

Take It Off has proved a dance floor filler across the UK which has been put down to ‘its pounding basslines and raunchy vocals’. The accompanying video is quite different from the usual standard ‘dance music video’.

“We took inspiration from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey and played with the idea of The ‘Second’ Dawn of Man. It’s a bit bonkers!” Reeson adds.

Directed by El Skid on behalf of Natomic Music Ltd. The sequence explores the concept of the evolution of man from primates to cavemen in the video.

El Skid says, “It’s so refreshing to work with an artist who is happy to step away from the traditional dance music video route and explore new concepts and push boundaries. 2012 has Reeson written all over it!”

To download the track hit the ‘like’ button on for Reeson’s Facebook Fan page and then the track can be obtained from the Band Profile tab.