Brendan O'Carroll thanks fans for making Mrs Brown a hit

The second series of Mrs Brown’s Boys climaxed with over 6 million viewers at the weekend and writer and performer Brendan O’Carroll has said he’s delighted with the success the second series has achieved.

Back in November the BBC recommissioned Mrs Brown’s Boys for a third run of episodes before the second series had even been broadcast, it appears their faith in the show has paid off with constant impressive ratings and Mrs Brown unleashing new catchphrases and online video homage’s.

“I was delighted with the viewing figures for the last episode. I knew from the start of the series that we would be moved to Saturday night for the last one because of something to do with Her Majesty’s Jubilee. But I forgot we would be up against Jonathan Ross. And then when I heard he was having David Beckham on as a guest I was sure we were screwed, but instead we had 6.4 million viewers, our highest yet!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a way to end the series, on a high!” O’Carroll said on the official Mrs Brown Facebook page, adding, “On YouTube there are granny’s belting granddads over the head with tray’s to cowboy music… I’m just amazed at how “That’s nice” has caught on….. and even this week I see people on twitter saying “do you need help finding your hormones?”… It’s just such a joy to see. I sit at this table, where I am right now, and write it down… and a few month’s later the nation are quoting it. I cannot describe the feeling! Amazing!”

Mrs Brown has had a number of successful theatre productions before also adding the television series to the success story last year. Written by and starring Brendan O’Carroll the shows follow a matriarchal Irish mother, Agnes Brown (O’Carroll), who just can’t resist interfering in the lives of her family and friends. The cast of the television show features the regular cast of Mrs Brown’s Boys on stage, and includes his real-life wife Jennifer Gibney as Cathy his daughter, Fiona O’Carroll as Maria, his son Danny O’Carroll as Buster and his sister Eilish O’Carroll as Winnie McGoogan.

Mrs Brown has apparently influences from Brendan’s mother and also an ex-nun, a pioneering Labour T.D. and a widowed mother of eleven. For those who have yet to discover the series “That’s nice” actually means “F*** off”.