Simon Mayo to host new Blockbusters

BlockbustersSimon Mayo is to be the new present of Challenge‘s revival of game-show Blockbusters.

It was revealed last year that the classic game-show was being revived once again, this time for Challenge TV. Up until now though the presenter of the new series has not bee revealed. Last month original host Bob Holness died prompting some to believe that Blockbusters shouldn’t be revived.

However, TV chiefs are pushing ahead with the revival and it has now been revealed that Simon May will be the show’s new host. Mayo told TV Biz No one needs to worry, it will be exactly the same — same set, same board, the same theme tune, although slightly updated. The prizes will probably be the same too, although you don’t win a dictionary, you win an e-reader.’

Blockbusters will air on Challenge TV in the Spring and will be open to all ages. The original series of Blockbusters was originally produced by Central Television for ITV producing over 1000 episodes before it moved to Sky One and produced over 200 more editions. Blockbusters also had a short stint on the BBC which only ran for 60 episodes. While Bob Holness is the most famous presenter of the series Liza Tarbuck also presented some of the Sky One editions and Michael Aspel fronted the BBC episodes.