Christina Ricci defends Pan Am

Pan AmChristina Ricci has defended her struggling ABC soapy drama Pan Am.

The 1960s based series, dubbed Mad Men in the Sky, is widely considered by many to be ‘on the bubble’ meaning its future is very uncertain. Some experts even predict Pan Am will be cancelled by ABC because of its low ratings. It is no secret the Sunday evening drama has suffered from lacklustre ratings and  its cancellation wouldn’t come as a surprise to many. Lead actress Christina Ricci has defended Pan Am and has pointed out the show does pick up audiences when DVR ratings are taken into account.

‘I don’t really understand the ratings system and how that works or I choose not to,…The only thing that I can really respond to is the response I get from people I see all the time,…If I go shopping, the people who work in the stores love the show. When I fly, all the flight attendants love the show. I know friends and family love the show. Most of them didn’t watch it during its time slot. Most of them watched it online or TiVo’d.’ Christina Ricci as quoted by the Hollywood Reporter  

While its true that Pan Am does pick up considerable gains in audience through DVR figures the fact is it still may not be enough to save the series. Broadcasters still tend to decide the fate of shows by the audiences they command in the slots they air rather than those who record and watch later or watch via on-demand platforms – there are a few notable exceptions to that of course.

So far ABC has not been drawn on the future of Pan Am.