Star Trek to return to television?

Star TrekSci-fi franchise Star Trek could be heading back to television once more.

The key word in the sentence above is COULD because at the moment it’s all still very much rumour. However, a new series of Star Trek could very well be hitting the small screen in the near future as Bryan Fuller and Bryan Singer are both reportedly pooling their talents to develop a new series for television.

Aint I’t Cool has this following tibbit of information regarding the possibility ‘Fuller tells AICN exclusively that the two Bryans, who have long (but separately) contemplated new Star Trek TV series, have discussed the possibility of pooling their resources to take a new corner of Gene Roddenberry’s multiverse to the small screen. Hopefully J.J. Abrams and Les Moonves will give them the keys to Starfleet HQ’

The two Bryan’s are currently working on NBC‘s reboot of The Munsters which has been renamed Mockingbird Lane. Bryan Fuller has previous history with Star Trek having penned episodes of Deep Space Nine and Voyager. However, a big stumbling block towards a return to television will likely be the reinvigorated film franchise which was given a much needed new boost of life by J.J Abrams in 2009 – a sequel is currently in development.

If Star Trek was to return to television – and that’s a big if – the problem it will face is whether it continues the alternate time line established by J.J Abrams reboot – which would be logical in order to tie into future films and interest a wider audience – or whether it follows the original television series time line. If it were to follow the original television time line then the likelihood would be a series set after Star Trek Voyager as producing another prequel along the lines of Enterprise would seem folly.

Of course all of this is just pure speculation for the most part because at the moment Singer and Fuller have their hands full with Mockingbird Lane.