Alison Jackson to front celebrity series for Sky Arts

Private Lies will be a mixture of real news footage and satirical ‘hidden camera’ reconstructions hosted by photographer Alison Jackson.

Launching later this month Private Lies looks at some of the biggest news moments of 2011 including the Royal wedding and the Libyan crisis.

“Alison Jackson Private Lies is an astute satirical look at celebrities and their possible secret lives and escapades,” comments James Hunt, channel director of Sky Arts. “We’ve seen an increasing appetite for satire with our audiences and Private Lies is a brilliantly funny commentary on celebrity culture.”

Jackson is renowned, Sky Arts say, for her convincingly realistic work, which imagines what’s going on behind the scenes of these momentous occasions.  Jackson captures news stories featuring Colonel Gaddafi, Barack Obama, Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell, Ryan Giggs and Lady Gaga, and parodies the celebrity stories of the year.

Creating footage as if it were taken from hidden cameras, Alison Jackson throws a unique light on a host of celebrities.

“She follows Prince William and the mischief he may have got up to on his stag do with Prince Harry and friends, she enters the palace for William and Kate’s first patriotic Christmas together and catches up with Elton John to see how he’s coping being a parent. Other events covered include the mystery around Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant and the possible answer to how David and Victoria Beckham selected Harper as a baby name.” Sky Arts state.

Jackson work raises questions about whether we can believe what we see when we are bombarded with celebrity news imagery. Alison Jackson Private Lies will broadcast from Sunday the 26th February 9.30pm on Sky Arts 1 HD.