Toby Whithouse to write another Doctor Who episode

Doctor WhoBeing Human creator Toby Whithouse and Torchwood writer Chris Chibnall will both write episodes for the new series of Doctor Who.

SFX report the two writers will both be penning new episodes for Doctor Who‘s seventh season which is expected to air in the Autumn.

Chibnall’s last work on Doctor Who was the 2010 two-part story The Hungry Earth and Cold Blood which re-introduced the Silurians to the new series. Prior to that he wrote the episode 42 in 2007 and was co-producer on spin-off series Torchwood for its first two seasons writing eight episodes in total. His other work includes the BBC One drama series Born and Bred as well as Starz‘s Camelot, which was yet another take on the Arthurian legends.

Toby Whithouse penned last year’s episode The God Complex which was well received by fans and also wrote Vampires of Venice in Matt Smith’s first season. Whithouse wrote, prior to that, School Reunion which was hugely popular with fans as it saw the return of the late Elisabeth Sladen to Doctor Who and served, sort of, as a back-door pilot for the spin-off The Sarah Jane Adventures. SFX report that Whithouse’s new episode will likely be the third episode of the seventh season.