Space 1999 remake on its way?

A remake of the classic 1970s sci-fi series Space 1999 is in development.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series is set for a remake with ITV Studios America and HDFilms behind the plans. The “re-imaging” will see the series re-titled Space 2099 in a somewhat obvious move. The proposed remake is from the producers of ABC’s updated version of V which lasted for two seasons before being cancelled.

Space 1999 was a live-action series from Gerry Anderson and Sylvia Anderson – it was the last series the two produced together as they separated during the course of the production. It starred Barbara Bain and Martin Landau, who were married at the time, across both seasons. Veteran actor Barry Morse co-starred in the first series while the second, radically revamped to boost ratings, co-starred Catherine Schell and Tony Anholt.

Space 1999 for ATV’s sister company ITC Entertainment and ITV was set on moon-base Alpha in the 1999…with the pilot episode seeing the moon thrown out of orbit and into deep space. The basic premise then became similar to that of Star Trek with the spaceship replaced by the moon. The first run of episodes was mostly focused on scientific stories with the second offering, retooled by controversial producer Fred Freiberger, became more action orientated.

A third series was originally commissioned with a spin-off, featuring Catherine Schell, also mooted. However, declining ratings saw the series cancelled by ATV boss Lew Grade. There have been, over the years, rumours of possible revivals but they have amounted to nothing.

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