Villains for Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover comic revealed

Doctor WhoThe villains for the Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover comic have been revealed.

Warning: Contains Spoilers

It was revealed last week that the two popular sci-fi shows would finally crossover; in comic form. When Doctor Who returned in 2005, revived by the BBC under Russell T Davies, there were proposals floating around for a crossover with Star Trek: Enterprise but the prequel series was cancelled before the ideas could take form. Now though a crossover is indeed happening between the two shows for comic books fans to enjoy.

The crossover comics, titled Assimilation, will see the TARDIS crew (the 11th Doctor, Amy and Rory) aid the crew of the Enterprise D (The Next Generation series). And the villains of the comics will be; The Cybermen and The Borg which fits as the two have a lot of similarities. The Cybermen are Cyborg creatures who replaced their human organs with machine parts, thus wiping out their emotions, in order to survive. They first appeared in 1966 in The Tenth Planet, William Hartnell’s final story in the lead role, and have returned numerous times since.

The Borg first appeared in Star Trek: The Next Generation and were the main villains of cinema film Star Trek: First Contact. The Borg were the main recurring villains of Star Trek: Voyager with the creates popping up on numerous occasions and also made a brief appearance in prequel series Enterprise in an episode which was a loose sequel, well the whole of Enterprise was of sorts, with the movie First Contact.

The comics will be published by IDW and will be written by Scott and David Tipton.

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