Anne Rice wants Matt Bomer to play her new werewolf character

Anne Rice novelsAuthor Anne Rice has revealed she would want actor Matt Bomer to play the character of Rueben in her new novel, The Wolf Gift.

Earlier this month it was revealed that an adaptation of another of Rice’s novels, The Tale of the Body Thief which is part of her Vampire Chronicles series, is already in development. However, should her latest novel, The Wolf Gift, be turned into a film Rice already has an actor in mind for the book’s protagonist; White Collar and Chuck actor Matt Bomer.

“I think he’s a charming, wonderful actor. I think he’s so good in White Collar, so funny and so fresh and so wonderfully handsome, and at the same time, sort of unassuming and charming.” – Anne Rice appearing on
Good Morning America

Previously two of Anne Rice’s novels have been adapted for the big screen, both from the Vampire Chronicles series. Interview with the Vampire was released in 1994 and starred Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Rice originally objected to Cruise’s casting as Lestat in the vampire but later admitted her mistake.

The film version of Queen of the Damned was released in 2002 and incorporated elements from the second novel in the series, The Vampire Lestat. The film starred Aaliyah, who died shortly after production finished on the film, and Stuart Townsend but the film was not well received by critics of fans of Rice’s work.