Something for the Weekend moving to Channel Four

Channel FourChannel Four has picked up axed BBC Two weekend series Something for the Weekend.

Media Guardian reports that Channel Four has signed a deal with the production team behind the cancelled BBC Two series for it to move over. The new Channel Four aired series will be titled Sunday Brunch with hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer moving over to continue presenting the series. Sunday Brunch will launch on Channel Four next month.

The move to Channel Four is something of a surprise as ITV were in talks to acquire the series after the BBC announced it was cancelling it. However, it would now appear as though the talks between ITV and the producers didn’t get very far and Channel Four entered the picture instead.

“We’re chuffed to be joining Channel 4. We have a great laugh working together and we’re very pleased we can continue that in our new home.” – Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer

The BBC’s decision to axe Something for the Weekend met with complaints from viewers who launched a Facebook group to save it. The axe was widely seen as part of the BBC’s drive to cut costs and reduce BBC Two’s daytime output which was part of the Delivering Quality First proposals outlined by the BBC last year.