Eternal Law axed by ITV

ITV1 drama Eternal Law has been axed after one season due to disappointing ratings.

The fantasy drama’s axe was reported by Samuel West who played angel Zak Gist on the show; he announced via Twitter that Eternal Law had been axed.

West wrote “Alas there will be no more Eternal Law. Not enough people watched it. A thousand thanks to those of you who did, and said such kind things. I’ll miss Zak and the gang enormously, but I’m very proud of the work we did. And we’ll always have York. Onward!”

Eternal Law was created by Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes writers Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah who also created the short-lived and much panned archaeological drama Bonekickers for BBC One in 2008.

Starring alongside Samuel West in the six-part drama were Rome actor Tobias Menzies and Orla Brady. It’s demise is hardly surprising given its final episode drew less than 3 million viewers.