Fox planning Take Me Out remake

Fox is reportedly developing a remake of ITV‘s dating series Take Me Out.

Entertainment Weekly report that Fox is in talks with American Idol producers FrantleMedia to remake dating series Take Me Out for American audiences. The ITV series has been on-air for two years and features a single man (or not as the case may be) trying to impress a panel of 30 women – who stay the same across the series. In essence its Blind Date (a long running popular ITV dating series hosted by Cilla Black) on a slightly larger scale.

Fox will no doubt be hoping that an American version of Take Me Out will prove popular with audiences. However, while the British series has proved popular with Saturday evening audiences it has been embroiled in several scandals of late involving criminal contestants, high class escort contestants and contestants who aren’t actually single. The scandals involving the series has resulted in a noticeable drop in ratings.