Q to appear in Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover comic?

Assimilation2The character of Q (played by John De Lancie) could appear in the forthcoming Doctor Who/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover comic Assimilation2.

Earlier this month IDW Publishing announced it was to release a crossover comic featuring the current TARDIS crew (11th Doctor, Rory and Amy) joining forces with the crew of the Enterprise D (Next Generation characters) against the Cybermen and the Borg. The reaction to the crossover has been mixed but some fans can’t wait for Assimilation2 to hit the shelves.

So aside from the Borg and the Cybermen can readers expect any other villains from the two shows to crop up? Well Denton Tipton, an editor of IDW Publishing, has been discussing just that and addresses whether the character of Q (who appeared in Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager) will appear.

In an interview with ScienceFiction.com Tipton said ‘It was definitely discussed.  So you have to check it out and see if he makes an appearance, but there will be lots of little cameos that everyone will enjoy. We got lots of little easter eggs for everyone on both sides.’ So even if Q doesn’t make an appearance it looks likely that Doctor Who and Star Trek fans can look forward to other familiar faces popping up across the Assimilation2 series.

So which aliens/foes and friends from both universes would you like to see in the new comics? Post your answers below.